Voting is Not the Only Political Thing You Can Do

A Citizen’s Experience During the Age of trump

It Starts: The Critic

My political Twitter activities were met with hostility.  This hostility came from a person who doesn’t even have a Twitter account. The person even agrees with my take on the insanity of the trump presidency.  So why the hostility?  This nameless person, who shall be called Nameless from this point forward, explained that being active in the political Twitterverse is pointless.  Nameless also stated that his fear was that trump would cause the kind of chaos that would start a war.  I agreed with that fear.  My Twitter activity is meant to build awareness. Nameless said that it can’t be done. Nameless also stated that he had tried, to make a difference but failed.  You can bet I jumped on that and asked what he had done.  It turned out that Nameless had voted.  Since voting still resulted in a trump presidency, he decided there was nothing else to be done.


I believe that complacency got us donald trump as a president.  A majority of the population really believed that there was no way in hell that trump would actually become the President of the United States…it was impossible! I mean really, the guy is a cartoon!  He couldn’t possibly win.

Our complacency is reflected in the 2016 voter turnout, as you can see by the chart below.

I believe we can attribute the low turnout to naivety on our part. The population may have believed something close to:

  • There is no candidate worth my vote. I may as well skip this election.
  • trump will never win the election.  That’s just crazy.
  • It doesn’t matter how I vote, I live in a Red / Blue state, so who cares.

How did we get this way?

In a way, our naivety is understandable.  Our presidents (like them or don’t like them) had the best interests of the country in mind as they performed their duties. Generally, our presidents didn’t embarrass us, or cause us to fear for our lives, our future or our democracy.  We complained about their policies, disagreed emphatically over some, but pretty much didn’t see them as destructive.  Nixon is the one we looked back at as the prime example of a “bad apple.”  Even Nixon won some positive points after his visit to China in 1972.  As citizens, we hadn’t had to worry too much about our presidents.  We expected the three branches to be the checks and balances as intended.

Babes in the Woods

America was in no way prepared for the massive devolution that was about to take place as donald trump transitioned and then took office. It didn’t take long. trump’s lies were part of our daily news cycle.  Always a drama, there was no way to heal from the abusive presidential campaign that lasted way too long.  In fact, five hours after being sworn in, trump filed for reelection. This was the beginning of  President trump’s campaigning ad nauseam.

Political Activism

Now, America has more scandals, more lies, more dramas, more incompetents, more chaos & less stability than ever before in our history. Complacency was a big part of why this is so.  As a result, I remain politically active in the Twitterverse because I want to destroy complacency before complacency destroys our country that I care so much about. To be silent is to be complicit. I will not silence my political view points.

After 3 Years of trump

We have changed. The Country is totally divided. We’ve become jaded, branded & downright sick of this whole presidential disaster. Unfortunately, we are no all on the same page. I’ve run into quite a few people that have various names for what they have become under the trump debacle. Among these labels are:

  • Resistor
  • MAGA
  • Never Trump
  • Recovering Republican
  • Former Republican
  • Formerly Republican Newly Independant
  • One Voice
  • Woke
  • Fox News Fans aka brainwashed
  • White Nationalist
  • Moderate Voter
  • Independants
  • Democrat
  • Republican

There are so many monikers, I’m not sure I could name them all. One thing that they tell me is that most Americans are paying attention to what’s going on in this country, well – maybe not the Fox News Fans. Most of us are watching the devolution of our values and norms during this age of trumpism and we don’t like what we are seeing.

We are also changing. We are voting. The 2018 Midterm Election saw a 50-year high voter turnout. Wow! I believe trump can be held up as the reason more voters turned out.

There’s nothing like aversion therapy to change behavior patterns. Yes, the voters spoke out against the trump administration by voting. I’m not sure if people voted overwhelmingly for Democrats or simply voted overwhelmingly against trump’s Republican party. In either case, trump’s free reign, and free rein now have some active oversight.

You might think that the balancing of factions would calm things down a bit. Not so. Just as an unruly 13 year old hysterically battles rules and restrictions, trump and his Republicans became, in a group, the hysterical 13 year old. Drama, drama, drama.

Any one of trump’s scandals or misdeeds would sink a typical president. In his case, there is a difference. The Senate is led by, what appears to be, one of the most corrupt active politicians. trump is protected. During trump’s term, Republicans with ethics and concern for the country have tried to oppose his worst behavior. They failed. Most of them went on to retirement. One changed party affiliations. According to Ballotpedia, 16 Republican and 5 Democratic incumbents will be retiring from office. The overwhelming number of Republicans might speak to the possibility that they are no more pleased with the trump experiment than we are.


After nearly three years of never ending drama and trauma, we are now into the Era of Impeachment. To be honest, I need a break from this drama queen president. I wish we could just fire him so we could end the relentless barrage of inappropriate tweets, cruel crimes against humanity (children seized from their parents and then caged), alienation of our allies, the courting of murderous dictators, the refusal to condemn White Nationalism, constant bullying of anyone who is in the least critical, the rise of hate crimes, his blatant racism… I could go on but, you get the idea – just in case you aren’t already suffering from all the drama and trauma yourself.

The Republicans have shown themselves to be relentless in their attempt to deflect and redesign the truth. While they do this, the simple truth is, we have a disaster for a president and none of their antics will change that. Today is day 2 of the impeachment hearings. I’m pretty sure the Republicans that speak will cause many of us, having to endure their assault on reality, to want to shut off the TV. We can’t do that. We have to listen through their noise to hear the truth. Facts matter. Words matter. Our integrity matters.