Legislation in Congress


These days it is important that each person validate information. We cannot simply believe a statement without fact checking it using trusted sources. One of the areas that is often used by all sides as an area of influence is legislation. Here, you can find information on legislation associated with a number of ‘hot topics.’ If you have an interest in a specific topic that isn’t listed, send me an email and I will do my best to add it.

Bill records are available on from 1973 (93rd Congress) to the present. The full texts of bills are available from 1989 (101st Congress), and the full text of laws from 1995 (104th Congress). Amendment records are available from 1981 (97th Congress), and full text of amendments is available from 1995 (104th Congress) to the present. The legislation collection is updated the morning after a session adjourns.

View the Bills Received in Congress Today

View Legislation That Has Passed Both Chambers

View Legislation Concerning Animals

View Legislation Concerning Firearms & Explosives

View Legislation Concerning Immigration

View Legislation Concerning Health

View Legislation Concerning Environmental Protection

View the Congressional Record for the Equal Rights Amendment


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