Communications Director – SERIOUSLY????

Lyngvie Altonsdatter  July 28, 2017

The New White House Communications Director Explodes on the Scene

Some Things Cannot Be Ignored or Unheard

I really tried not to weigh in on the eye-bug-out, jaw dropping, foul mouthed statements barked by Anthony Scaramucci to Ryan Lizza.  Lizza is a Washington Correspondent for the New Yorker.  Scaramucci is the new White House Communications Director.  I suggest you take a pause here and read Lizza’s article: Anthony Scaramucci Called Me to Unload About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon.  While you are reading, keep in mind that Lizza double checked the “on record” status with Scaramucci. Lizza wanted to make sure Scaramucci agreed that his words were on the record. Yep, you guessed it, Scaramucci confirmed he understood that his rant was press worthy.

Anthony ScaramucciDone reading the article? Close your mouth and we will continue.

Hopefully, you actually read the article, so you can fully appreciate the rest of my meandering.  Anyway, I was always told that people stoop to using foul language when they want to create an impression, maybe a shock and awe moment, but they don’t possess the needed language skills to do it correctly.  This rant of a foul mouthed pile of words is from a Communications Director???  For the White House???

White House Communications Rating System

I wonder, does our president’s administration need a rating standard so we will know when to keep our kids safely out of earshot? I can just see it now:  “The White House Communications Director’s press briefing will be held at 2:00 PM.  This briefing has been given an R rating.  Kids under 17 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian”.  A communications director really needs to have a pretty good grasp on the English language. Then again, this director was put in place by trump.  trump seems to have no issue with placing people into positions for which they have no experience and no skill.  I guess that is the case here.

The Kids are Fighting

Scaramucci’s outburst had to do with the the intra-administration battles that are apparently being fought…all with Scaramucci, if he is to be believed.  Honestly, I don’t think he’s believable.  I understand he thinks that others in the administration don’t like him, due to his inappropriate fit as the Communications Director.  Well, yeah… I can see how they would feel that way.  Based on what we’ve seen so far from the new director, he doesn’t fit. Just wait, there’s more! I haven’t even touched on the unfounded accusations hurled at Reince Priebus.  (Spoiler Alert: Scarramucci was mistaken about Priebus. We can delve into that in another post.) All this drama for absolutely no reason.

Scaramucci’s Message

Let’s consider what message is Scaramucci’s trying to relay?  The message I get is that we are paying the salary of a person, who speaks like a thug.  Scaramucci represents the United States President’s voice to the country and the world.  I have to say, he’s got trump’s voice down pretty well. That’s not a good thing.  In all seriousness, I find him embarrassing to America in a global fashion.

This is Unprecedented

This is unprecedented.  The term “unprecedented” is a one used daily in association with trump and his administration.  How could Scaramucci fit in, seeing as his  behavior is unprofessional and unprecedented?  When I consider the bizarre and inappropriate behavior of the president, well yeah – the Mooch fits in.

What Next??

Considering trump says that a sitting president cannot be prosecuted, I can imagine some possible upcoming events. Forecasting into the future, based on the events of the last handful of days, I can envision dog fights held in the Rose Garden.  Perhaps some illegal fight club events on the South Lawn.  Yes, I can see it all now!  This is the NEW version of a presidential administration, says trump. What a circus. Heck – there might even be a failed casino in the White House’s future!

— Lyngvie



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