If My Child Behaved Like trump

trump's Behavior Is Monsterous

trump’s Bad Behavior


If my child told even one of the whoppers told by trump, the child would be grounded for life & scheduled for therapy once a week.  I don’t think many of us, as parents, would tolerate our children behaving the way trump behaves.  We would be appalled.  I would wager the “no spanking rule” would fly out the window. I mean, seriously, think about some of the many lies told by trump and then imagine your child lying to the same degree.  Ummmm…I wouldn’t have it.

For example:

Inauguration Crowd Size

trump claims to have had the largest inauguration crowd in history.  This is a load of bunk that is spouted by a childish old man whose ego knows no bounds.  View this clip published by Time.  How would you feel if trump was your child?

See the entire article here:  No, The National Park Service Didn’t Alter Photos of Trump’s Inauguration Crowd

More on trump’s Bad Behavior…

Ethics – I should say LACK of Ethical Behavior

I don’t need to go too far into the absence of trump’s tax returns – we’ve all heard about that ad nauseam.  Then there is the fact that the trump organization makes a bit of money because trump is president.  For example, trump held a (closed to the mainstream media) campaign 2020 fund raising event in one of his own hotels in Washington D.C. – I’m sure the hotel did not host that event for free.  Also, the Ethics Chief resigned over the trump administration’s “Massive Violations.”  JustSecurity.org posted an article listing trump’s conflict of interests (Mixing Politics with Business: A Master List of Trump’s Conflicts of Interest) It’s an interesting read.

Even More on trump’s Bad Behavior


I won’t mention the ‘hot mike’ incident that, when made public, cost Billy Bush his job & his reputation. trump just moved on to win the White House.  Now HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN??? There are so many offensive, sexist comments made by trump that the Telegraph in the UK actually compiled a list.  You can read that article here:  Donald Trump sexism tracker: Every offensive comment in one place
After reading through that list, I think that no parent on earth (with the exception of trump’s parents) would allow that kind of disgusting behavior from an offspring.

Yet More on trump’s Bad Behavior

Bullying & Harassment

trump threatened Hillary Clinton, his presidential opponent, with jail and prosecution for made up wrongs.  Think about the fact that banana republic dictators try and dispose of the opposition by incarcerating them unlawfully.  Consider the harassment of Joe & Mika of The Morning Joe.  The clip below was published by the Washington Post.

Consider trump’s bullying of Jeff Sessions, his own Attorney General.  This appalling behavior just keeps going on and on and on.  I can only assume that trump is too timid to fire Sessions and so is trying to bully him into resigning.  Of course if that happens, trump has a clearer line on Robert Mueller, who is investigating the Russian election interference.  There are so many levels of inappropriate and disgusting behavior, that I could go on and on, but I will stop here.

If my child acted like trump, I guaranty you that corporal punishment would be in effect and wouldn’t feel an iota of guilt!

— Lyngvie



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